Week 48


Che is a label that exists since 1991, but this is the first time I
hear about it, obviously because of the Merzbow connection. All Merzbow
die-hards should get out and get this. His side of this 7" is awesome:
a high pitched electronic rhythm with cracked sound makes this the
future of breakbeat and jungle. Merzbow never ceases to amaze me with
new directions in noise music. And hopefully it will bring the fans of
the other 3 bands the 'light' of Merzbow. These three can best be
described as 'indie pop bands' with post-punk guitar music. Not at all
of my interest, but I had to get this anyway -and so must you. Watch
out for a forthcoming noise compilation CD on this label too. (FdW) //
Address: <>


I first heard the work of Patrick Ascione on a collection of stuff
released on CD as an audio documentation of the Prix International de
Noroit 1989. The piece was titled Lune Noire and it is also the first
of three compositions on this 1995 release of some of his work on the
impeccable Canadian label empreintes digitalis. Lune Noire is sonic
topography, little is recognisable in this new audio terrain which is
viewed multi-dimensionally from extremely unusual angles in strange at
tractor space. Many of the studio techniques, and I suspect, some of
the sounds used on Lune Noire occured earlier on 'Sur Champ D'Azur'
which was finished in 1986. It's a study of the sky as canvas and the
clouds that cross it. Huge slabs of sounds interspersed with
microscopic investigation move us across this azure field as it slides
past us. Truly enormous -this man has seen how big clouds can be.

'Values of the Shadow 'ends this CD with it's' ...exploration of a
somber region of dark sonorities of the electro-acoustic palette and is
also therefore a quest for the light...' (of course! ). Domains of the
Shadow are flat spaces...the edges are sharp. Nothing offers protection
or cover, every thing shifts, jitters and moves. Electronic insects
buzz and whirr are silenced violently and then return mutated/evolved.
Space tightens as we advance. oozing ahead of us...A Glimpse of Light.
Ascione incorporates a broad spectrum of techniques in his work. He has
signature trademarks and they are good because they work effectively as
suggestive audio information. This ,together with his knowledge of how
fast audible space can change raises him a notch above his
contemporaries. As usual with the empreintes digitalis series, the
full power of the sound quality is best appreciated under headphones
unless you have extremely tolerant neighbours. (MP) // Address: 4487
Rue Adam -Montreal -Canada H1V 1T9


I've only liked two pieces on two separate releases by Tonart and I
cannot remember what they sound like now. I have to admit this before
dissecting the latest in the series. All compositions on it are bound
by the rule that only each others' voices may be sourced for sound
material. Three composers get four tracks each on this release and on a
few rare occasions they encourages me to cross the line between 'so
what' and a thoughtful 'hmm'. Sadly though, this CD too often wanders
off into the realm of cringe -this happens very early on the CD and
tainted the rest of my attempt at listening pleasure. Perhaps the best
works falling within the limitations of this concept have already been
composed. This CD does little that is new, except perhaps sporadic
attempts at humour, which being the audio equivalent of slapstick end
up falling on their faces. (HP) // Address: Off Scale - Augustr. 19 -
10117 Berlin - Germany


Now here's a different kind of space-closer,more recognizable and often
much warmer. I've only ever heard another of their releases on R&S
titled 'kokotsu' which came out in 1994,and while this new CD contains
some familiar elements from their previous work,the first thing I
noticed from the cover was that all the tracks are a lot shorter than
before. More diversity. And what diversity! Moonfunk opens with a
beautiful stereo arena which returns several times through the CD
although is inhabited by different species of sound each time. It
slides from commercial house thru dub and slack rap to completely off
the planet (some areas certainly belong on the same orb as FSOL) It is
when Tournesol explore much weirder spaces that they retrieve and
convey their strongest and most atmospheric impressions. Immerse
yourselves in Junglemovie', 'Electrowaltz', 'Scapeland' ,'Mapping Your
Mind' and '2095' .Listen to it all the way through and on 'Shuffle'. It
works! (MP) // Address: <>


I was introduced to this composer through a too brief track on INAGRH's
'Concert Imaginaire' compilation. Shortly thereafter Hetamkine released
'Grand Bruit' on their miniCD series. The first 8'00 of 'Grand Bruit'
are truest hard chill aiding and abetting the attainment of escape
velocity with such apparent ease it's awesome. This may be his first
full-length CD on InaGrm and it has three compositions on it dating
from 1983 -1989. 'Stop! l'horizon' is a wonderful exploration of sonic
events between us and the edge of our auditory perception. Field
recordings interact with studio work in a beautiful narrative. Distance
is defined. The 'Profile Of Desire' has many shapes in the sevcond
composition. Breath holds this piece together. Flowers within flowers
The transluscent, oily glow at the calyx end of a petal. The final
track 'Courir' starts with closely miked mouthnoises. Once again
another interpretation of a familiar idea. Heavily processed voice
fragments are cast and flung onto this surface. Less engaging than the
other tracks probably because of the persistent panting which endures
throughout it's 15'00 length. (HP)


Last year I reviewed the first (mini-CD) by Manuel Mota. There he
performed one piece for acoustic guitar played with a bow and sticks.
The acoustic guitar plays a big role on this full length CD and it is
played again with bows, bottlenecks, Chinese restaurant sticks, picks,
felt sticks, but the entire music is enhanced with environment
recordings. The 19 pieces are called 'Ear Rings, Mic Trips', but if you
listen to this, without watching your CD player, you will, in my
opinion listen to one piece, one long collage of sound and guitar. The
environment sounds are in generally soft and stand in opposition to the
guitar Bound and feedback Bound (this because of the use of open
microphone in combination with amplifiers). In general I am not too
fond of improvised music, but this CD is one fascinating piece of
music. So, in spite of the unknownness of this man, I'd say: buy this!
(FdW) // Address: Ananana -Apartado 21671 - 1137 Lisboa - Portugal


EX MACHINA Number 2 is a French magazine, and has interviews with Death
In June, O Yuki Conjugate, Deutsch Nepal, Batchas, Inanna and contains
lots of reviews, nicely sorted by label. Nice looking lay-out. //
Address: c/o Arnaud Clergue - 1, Rue Lacroix - 69003 Lyon - France

Octopus Number 3 is also french written, and bigger then Ex Machina.
Better lay-out too and a somewhat wider field of well-known bands, like
Bill Laswell, Foetus, Coil, Casper Brotzmann, Rapoon but also Kasper
Toeplitz, Noel Akchote, and reviews. // Address: 47 Rue Des Trois
Bornes - 75011 Paris - France

Vivisect Number 18 features Dance Or Die, Staalplaat, Mexican
Industrial and reviews. The most fanzine of these three. Address: