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Two grand daddy of the Japanese noise scene, and both developping their own
style. We haven't been reviewing much Merzbow lately, but here is another
one, and one that is fairly interesting. Some of this is hard stomping beat
stuff with the usual Merzbow blasts on top. More and more Masami finds his
way into synthesizers to refresh/update his sound. Especially a track like
'Son Of Zechen' is a clear example of this. Anybody thinking these kind of
overproductive people do not innovate their sound, so check out this
particular new Merzbow.
I always have some trouble with Haino's material. I can't stand his singing
- I'm truely sorry. But this disc is different: it's a single piece, 67
minutes, and it's along droning thing. Maybe a synth, maybe processed hurdy
gurdy - who knows. Maybe their is also a droning voice. There is stumbling
below. At half an hour there are bent strings and at 45 worldless singing.
The whole thing has a great minimal impact, and I found myself enjoying
this most while playing it at a soft volume. I wish he did more of this.
Address: <alien8@total.net>

SOLVENT/LOWFISH (12" by Suction)
Hard to find out what is what on this, other then 2 bands doing a split of
some sort together on a new label. It's definetely influenced by dance
music, mainly techno, but it has a wicked twist. The 'flexidisc' track (I'm
sorry but that is really the title) is a sort of Solvent doing Aphex Twin
pop tune thing. Other tracks are likewise minimal and rawly recorded and
produced. As you know I am always in favourite of the fairly unknown who
might be the imitation, but if underground dance music means something to
you, then you should check this out too.
Address: <suction@interlog.com>

DIETER MUH (CD by Carnifex)
How much more new label and new artists can you bear? Dieter Muh is not a
person, nor he is German, but a UK band of three guys who recorded their
first baby in Colin Potter's studio. The first track starts out with a
sample, to be which the sound of a conveyer belt is added. This track is
crossfaded into the second one 'Eurasienstab' (a film and performance from
Joseph Beuys bytheway - who is an interest for more bands). High pitched
droning organ sounds open up here and half way through dark samples are
added. 'Morche' on the other hand is an attempt at producing rhythmical
music and guitars in full stereo effect - but misses a point (and is out of
place with the rest). The three remaining tracks find Dieter Muh in more
ambient/industrial territory with shortwave processings. Apart from
'Morche' a well succeeded debut CD with future promises. Also: only 500
were made.
Address: P.O.Box 376 - Nottingham - NG7 6NL - UK

After the release of his two CD's by Trente Oiseaux, Lopez is the new
loverboy of intelligent noisists - don't get upset, this is nicely ment.
This partiucular work was recorded in Costa Rica - at least all the sounds
usedin here, and the whole work was processed etc. in Madrid, Koblenz (at
Bernard Gunter's studio) and at the radio studios in Hilversum (that is in
Holland...). The work of Lopez is to be divided in roughly two categories:
either you get the full blast or you hear nothing at all (or so it seems).
The long second track falls in this second category. It seems like a van
blowing wind in your face (hey with the current heat this auto-suggestion
is great), which only in it's last two minutes get more volume. If you
crank up the volume you hear a lot more going on underneath. The first and
third track are more noisy, with tons of insect sounds, more louder wind
blowing. Changes come and go more abruptly here, and there is more collage
into this. Together with people like Bernard Gunter, John Duncan and
Micheal Northam, Lopez belong a growing school of composers who take
environmental sounds into the studio and create a minimal atmosphere with
maximum impact. And imagine: I only hear half of it on my plywood speakers
- what if I had the real stuff? (FdW)
Address: <nd@nd.org>

NOISE MAKER'S FIFES - INVERSAGE (10" by Twin Tub & Beaver)
These Belgium are mucho favourites of mine. Another damm fine release. Side
A is filled with music for some 'conceptual performance which combines
sound, video imagery and choreography'. No idea what this is, but alas the
music sounds great. Slowly the drones are faded up, snares are scraped (you
could imagine David Jackman/Organum being a member), and then slowly a
distant trumpet plays a silly tune all over. Silly, but utterly
captivating. The second part is more 'noisy' without being too loud.
The b-side describes the music by it's title: 'Collage' (preceeded by the
third part of the a-side). Bits and pieces of various NMF recordings are
pasted next to eachother, but still remain to create an organic atmosphere.
There is more snare scraping to be found on this side, so both 'Inversage'
and 'Collage' belong to the same group of tracks by NMF.
Limited to 300 copies on brown vinyl in full colour sleeve - no comments as
I'm doing it with a testpressing here. (FdW)
Address: 7 Home Farm Close - Witherley - Atherstone - Warwickshire CV9 3SP - UK

Each of these 3 bands get 20 minutes to show what their sound is like. CCCC
is most known, but somehow disappoint me. A long track of noise whaling
along. Maybe not really bad, but maybe just too standard.
Jalopez is new to me. Their piece is a live recording which crackles a bit.
The piece uses cello and 'various electronics'. A sort of primitive
Organum, raw and intense. Not a bad thing for a first experience.
Alchemy Of The 20th Century is a name chosen by the guy of Grunt for more
'ambient' noise music. Slowly evolving bass lines with added metal sounds
on top. Exciting stuff, really itense power going on, with no harshness
included. Definetely a coming name, and I wonder what a whole CD from this
guy would sound like. (FdW)
Address: P.O. Box 21 - 15141 Lahti - Finland

ORGANUM - CRUSADE (7" by Robot Records)
I gave up collecting Organum - sorry but I am not rich enough to collect
all the limited stuff. This 7" has a bigger edition, maybe 300 or so (as
there is info included except band name and title - apperently the same for
both sides).
We find Organum in an unusual noise blast release. The scraping sound has
been cranked up and drenched in reverb. Maybe as hard driving as the sought
after 'Pulp' 7" by Organum and The New Blockaders. Some people don't seem
to loose the trick of their trade. (I am still waiting for somebody t
release all the 7"s on a CD!!) (FdW)

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM / USE YOUR PAIN - Split (10" by Kadef/ Dreizehn) This is
a new (limited to only 202 copies) 10" in bright yellow vinyl, on the small
label Dreizehn (run by Kalojan Witanski who releases music under the name
Kadef). Expecting rather harsh noises from the japanese group Contagious
Orgasm, this came as a full surprise, as their one and only track
"Subconsciously Scrutinize Sampling Music" (which follows their concept of
SSSM - tracks) begins rather smooth and soft with pulsating synths and some
background noises, then we hear samples from violin-based film soundtracks
mixed up with voices telling something in german that can be hardly
understand, but it seems to be a Nazi-propaganda-speech which I don't like
normally as too many have used it before, but together with the melancholic
violin-sound it sounds rather strange and appealing to me. This long piece
then develops into something more tribal and rhythmic, which ends up dark
and atmospheric.
Use Your Pain is a side-project of Kadef, which had some tape-releases out
on the Kadef-label. The music of Kadef is usually also quiet harsh, but
with Use Your Pain he seemingly wants to build up his own kind of dark
ambient music. Based on throbbing & droning synths, one can hear some
strange noises underneath, but never something real concrete. This piece is
not as complex as the C.O. - track, but still worth listening. This is a
surprising good record for a democratic price, which unfortunately has a
rather poor cover (thin paper in plastic-vinyl-inlay, nothing more). (BAr)