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Vital Weekly publishes almost 50 issues per year since 1995. The magazine is completely free
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2020 benefactors:

Asmus Tietchens, Martijn Hohmann, Marc Heijmans, Quinten Dierick, Jay Sitter, Jan van den Brink, JK Stroet, A. Geringer, Hugo Moutinho, Mark Tamea, Wouter Jaspers, Martin Friberg, Jeffrey Sinibaldi, Lu Wang, Thierry Aime, Robert Kyffin, Pino/Music A LA Coque, New Focus Recordings,

2019 benefactors:

Asmus Tietchens, Freek Kinkelaar, Michal Stanczyk, Martijn Hohman, William MacLean, Michael Bentley, Marc McNulty, Anonymous, Jos Smolders, Peter Hoogveld, Quinten Dierick. John de Pagter, Truus de Groot, M.L., Robert Kyffin, J.K. Stroet, Gold Bolus, Oliver Payne, Oggum Records, P. Knight, Dave Hanson, A. Mari, R. Marzano, P. Vreeke, Silent Media, Machinefabriek, Wesley Moynihan, Bert Vanden Berghe, Musique A La Coque, Frank Boesveld, Alexei Borisov, Steve Cammack,Thierry Aime, Darwin Grosse, Starkland, M. Jostmeijer, Don Poe, Sieben Jan Doornkamp, Practice Music, Joane Hétu, Maxime Corbeil-Perron, Jean-François Primeau, C. Jeely, Marc Heijmans, Maxime Corbeil-Perron, Jay Sitter, Jeremy Young, Geoffroy Montel, William Washburn, Terry Bennet, Steven Wright, Jeremy Harbin,